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IT6600D High Power DC Power Supply (42~420kW…10MW+)

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IT6600D series DC power supply is a new generation graphical bidirectional DC power supply. Its touch screen and intuitive GUI not only simplify parameter setting and waveform editing, but also improve convenience. It adopts advanced third-generation SiC technology. A 3U height single unit can output 21kW each in dual channels. If the two independent channels are connected in series/parallel, it can reach maximum power 42kW. Since 1 unit IT6600 can cover the output range of 3-5 normal power supplies, it can be applied to various applications
requiring high voltage or high current.
IT6600D’s CC/CV priority allows the output mode to be selected based on the specific needs of the DUT, which is especially important during precision measurements. High-precision, high-speed features and a variety of standard communication interfaces enable IT6600D to be widely used in laboratories, production lines and automatic test systems.



  • Voltage:1200V-1200V
  • Current:200A-2000A
  • Power:42000W-420000W
  • Datasheet: Download
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Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Mexico

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