ESD Test Bench admin_revine December 28, 2022

ESD Test Bench

The cockpit

The device cockpit is light due to the aluminium profiles at the top and bottom and extremely flexible for installation of systems components. It is characterized by comprehensive new functions – aluminium profiles, impact barrier, T-grooves, covered cable space, swiveling and adaptive lighting which is invisible from the outside energy saving RGB-LED technology as well as integrated indication lamp.

The Connector

The connector is the centerpiece of the furniture system elneos connect and ensures the uninterruptable media guidance between table leg and table frame from the floor up to all system components. For the first time, media of all kinds can be passed through various additional profiles on the inner surface. Also clip profiles with a tilt function for opening can be guided uninterruptable and thus, ensure an unrivalled, new and innovative media guidance.

ESD Design

The ESD feature of the elneos connect is totally state of the art.
Having the metal particles engraved in the wood itself it give us the edge over all competitive products . The history states that the ESD mechanism of elneos connect will never fail any calibration tests and readings remain same over 10 years of work time

The Erfi Bridge

Due to the intelligent combination of expand profile 2, a continuous media channel is generated – the Erfi Bridge! It allows for the first time the continuous installation of devices in the vertical and horizontal line. The new telescopic profile with functional grooves ensures stability. The telescopic profiles adapts itself to the L-profile and together with the same, it forms a rugged telescopic guiding. Due to use of telescopic profiles big stroke lengths for high loads up to 600 Kg to be lifted are economically possible.

The Profile

The innovative profile system of elneos connect is flexible, modular, economical, resource-conserving and striking as regards design and effect.

The Expand Profile 1: It complements with the L-profile and is clipped to inner surface. It is an aluminium profile to house further cables and small electric items such as data sockets or compressed air couplings.

The Expand Profile 2: This profile serves for integration of electronic units of a bigger installation height such as safety and switching units, sockets or generators. This profile can be fitted single sided or double sided to the L-profile

Indication Lamp

The indication lamp signals the condition of your laboratory table at any point of time. Across the entire width of the device cockpit or the filing board, you are informed by means of a specially developed RGB light band. In case of any emergency situation, you can react immediately and correctly…another feature to optimize security at the

Handle-Free Drawers

Touch-to-open technology enables you to open the drawer whenever you require them to open. A solid integrated traveling mechanism bears the maximum load of the rollers. These rollers cannot be pulled out and can withstand the loads in industrial application and in training.